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Reincarnation Therapy

Who is to say that you have not had past lives?

Who can say that you are only living this present life? Margi is professionally trained and extensively experienced in guiding you through the processes that allow you to explore your past lives. Using various techniques, she leads clients to access, examine and incorporate their past lives into their present life times. She trained in depth with the well-known Dutch therapists Tineke Noordegraaf and Ron Bontenbal who teach Reincarnation Therapy guiding clients to access not only their past lives but the past of their present lives as well.

Even if you are not sure that you believe in the concept of past lives, you may find that significant traumas and otherwise unsolvable issues frequently clear up as you access what appear to be memories of past lives. Even one two-hour session can prove life-transforming. Please be aware that even with Margi's expert guidance usually but not always will your own higher self let you access your past memories.

Margi works with individuals and with groups, as well as teaching others how to do this work.

Margi has been endorsed by some of the best author-trainers in this field including Brian Weiss, Roger Woolger, and Linda Adler, LCSW , Past President of the Association for Past Life Research & Therapies. She is one of the recommended practitioners in the book In Looking for the Other Side by Sherry Suib Cohen.

With her business partner Leslie Austin, Ph.D, Margi has done trainings on special topics related to reincarnation including a training for the Maternity Ward nurses at South Nassau Community Hospital on Long Island in New York entitled Sensitivity Starts At Conception or Rockabye Baby.

"Over a decade ago, I had the most incredible experience. Margi introduced me to three past lives that I have obviously lived. No one was more surprised than I to experience this truthful, comprehensive and enjoyable trip back through time. Margi and my past lives were amazing."

~ Jon Wilner, New York City

"... A week later I met with a talented team of Manhattan-based reincarnation therapists, Margaret Haas, M.A. and Leslie Austin, Ph.D. who regressed me to a life where I was wearing a floor-length gray chambray dress and from the barred window of a basement cell, I watched the wheels of horse-drawn carts and the black-stocking legs of men in breeches hurrying along a dirt road in Puritan times. I was an eighteen year-old girl sentenced to isolation in a cell where I was tortured and died. My crime? I kept a secret journal telling of the wrongs of a joyless life where hell and damnation ruled and women were silenced. I wrote that their vengeful God was not my God and mistakenly shared this with my best friend who gave the book to my father who, as an Elder, was forced to turn me in. I was jailed and called a 'little witch', my heels tortured with red hot prods, my hands burned over flames. I floated above my body being wheeled on a cart to a pauper's grave. After the session, I walked to the train and noticed the chronic pain in my heels had finally and mysteriously gone."

~ Denise Lanctot, author of Have You Lived Before? in Cosmopolitan May 11, 1997

Why wait another lifetime to access YOUR past lives.