My journeys in life began early. After spending a post-graduate high school year in Switzerland traveling through Europe and the U.S.S.R, I went to college in California majoring in East Asian Religions and Philosophy at Stanford. I became intrigued with Japan, spent two years there immersed in the language and two years more learning I didn't want a Ph.D. from Harvard in Japanese history. I then spent seven years on Wall Street to learn that I was really an entrepreneur so I started my own 15-year headhunting business mostly finding bilingual Japanese in Tokyo for Western companies.

Along the way, I learned many alternative healing arts, did much coaching and counseling, got Gestalt training and a New York license in psychotherapy, taught past life therapy and coaching, and became a Tibetan Buddhist. One of my latest adventures is birdwatching , doing research on and writing a book about her observations of America's beautiful hawk, the Swallow-tailed kite.

Wayfinding the Cosmos embodies my continuing life-long pursuit of the mystical and magical in our universe. I am thrilled to invite you to journey along with me.


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